Sonning Prize recipients

2021: Svetlana Alexievich, Author and dissident, Belarus
2018: Lars von Trier, Film director and scriptwriter, Denmark
2014: Michael Haneke, Film director, Austria
2012: Orhan Pamuk, Author, Turkey
2010: Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Author, Germany
2008: Renzo Piano, Architect, Italy
2006: Agnes Heller, Philosopher, Hungary
2004: Mona Hatoum, Visual artist, United Kingdom
2002: Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ireland
2000: Eugenio Barba, Theatre director and founder of the Odin Theatre, Denmark
1998: Jørn Utzon, Architect, Denmark
1996: Günter Grass, Author and visual artist, Germany
1994: Krzysztof Kieslowski, Film director, Poland
1991: Václav Havel, Author and Head of State, Czech Republic
1989: Ingmar Bergman, Film and theatre director, Sweden
1987: Jürgen Habermas, Philosopher and sociologist, Germany
1985: William Heinesen, Author, Faroe Islands
1983: Simone de Beauvoir, Author, France
1981: Dario Fo, Playwright and actor, director, Italy
1979: Herman Gmeiner, Founder of the SOS Children's Villages, Austria
1977: Arne Næss, Philosopher, Norway
1975: Hannah Arendt, Political theoretician, Germany
1973: Karl Popper, Philosopher, Austria
1971: Danilo Dolci, Social worker, Italy
1970: Max Tau, Author, Germany
1969: Haldor Laxness, Author, Iceland
1968: Arthur Koestler, Author, Hungary
1967: W.A. Visser´t Hooft, Theologian, Netherlands
1966: Sir Laurence Olivier, Actor, United Kingdom
1965: Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, Author and statesman, Austria
1964: Dominique Pire, Theologian, Belgium
1963: Karl Barth, Theologian, Switzerland
1962: Alvar Aalto, Architect, Finland
1961: Niels Bohr, Physicist, Denmark
1960: Bertrand Russell, Philosopher, United Kingdom
1959: Albert Schweitzer, Theologian and philosopher, Germany
1950: Sir Winston Churchill, Statesman, United Kingdom (extraordinary prize)