Workshops during the morning (10:15 a.m.-11:45 a.m.)

Workshops during the afternoon (12:45 a.m.-2:15 p.m.)

Innovation in a stx context – expectations from the new university students

The workshop is held in Danish
Stx has spent a few years in contextualising and implementing innovation in the subjects and in general study preparation. Innovation as a subject and in a market understanding does not immediately make sense in relation to the goals that have been set for the stx program, however, innovation must, to a far greater extent be seen as a way of working, which can challenge both teachers and students.

The purpose of the workshop is to increase our understanding of the new students’ innovation competences. How could we plan our teaching to fit the students' knowledge, skills and expectations and how do we incorporate innovation as a working method in lessons?

- Workshop by Mette Trangbæk Hammer, Rector of Greve Gymnasium

What happens when you invite external partners into your teaching?

In many innovation and entrepreneurship courses at UCPH teachers are collaborating with companies and organizations outside the university. These collaborations are often based on the organizations providing the teacher and the students with a “real life challenge”. The benefits can be many: The students get motivated by working with a relevant and current challenge, the companies get insights into the newest research in the area and the teachers get to facilitate and see their research and teaching come into play in real life scenarios.

During this workshop we will outline the different kind of collaborations that exist in the teaching at UCPH, and discuss with experienced teachers and their collaborators the benefits as well as the challenges that can arise. The workshop will be interactive and we invite you to take part in a facilitated discussion.

Invited speakers are:

  • Allan Christensen, Owner Cambiamento
  • Jesper Tolstrup, Project Manager at the City of Copenhagen, Climate Change Adaptation

- Workshop by Nina Fynbo Riis, Innovation Consultant at the University of Copenhagen Science

What should I actually learn? The importance of learning goals

According to the National Qualifications Framework all university graduates should be able to “lead work and development situations that are complex, unpredictable and require new solutions” – do your students achieve this objective? What should you teach them to make sure? In this workshop we will discuss different categories of I&E-related learning goals and you will get practice-based inspiration on the formulation of learning goals and selection of teaching approaches that support the achievement of I&E competencies in non-business educations.

- Workshop by Carsten Nico Portefée Hjortsø, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen Science

Workshops in the afternoon (12:45 a.m.-2:15 p.m.)

Innovation course design - themes, tools and methods

Innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) is taught in various ways at the University of Copenhagen and can entail quite different I&E approaches, strategies and methodologies. In order to accommodate the diverse preconditions for teaching I&E at the University of Copenhagen we have developed a teacher training programme called IE-UCPH.
During this workshop we will present:

  • Key themes in relation to teaching innovation and entrepreneurship. These themes are also addressed at the IE-UCPH teacher training programme 
  • The visual course development tool, which is used in the IE-UCPH teacher training programme. 
  • The toolbox for innovation and entrepreneurship 

The workshop will also entail a practical element, where the participants will be developing their own teaching and discussing and exchanging ideas about their own practice.

- Workshop by Rikke Kortsen Okholm, Innovation Consultant at the University of Copenhagen Science

Innovation and entrepreneurship in education: Strategy and action

This workshop is directed towards directors of studies, study council members and staff involved in development of educational programmes. The introductory part of the workshop will provide examples on how to work with strategy and implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship in university educational programmes. The introduction will be followed by specific examples on how to develop courses and master programmes. The workshop will conclude with a general discussion on how to develop a good strategy and implementation plan.

Invited speakers are:

  1. Michael Bom Frøst, associate professor in Food Design and Consumer Behavior at Department of Food Science, UCPH.
  2. Finn Valentin, professor at Copenhagen Business School and Director of Research Centre on Biotech Business.

- Workshop introduced and chaired by Claus Bøttcher Jørgensen, Professor MSO at the University of Copenhagen Medical Sciences

Assessment in innovation and entrepreneurship teaching – challenges and feasible solutions

The workshop addresses the following questions: How can the challenge of integrating process, self-reflection and product (-development) be approached in the assessment? Can the alignment between learning goals – teaching activities – assessment and assessment criterias be maintained when working innovatively? 

The participants will co-create solutions to the questions by looking at different assessment- and evaluation forms in combination with research findings on effective teaching and feedback in mind.

- Workshop by Peter Josef Wick, Educational consultant at the University of Copenhagen Social Sciences