Meet the teams

Throughout the day you can among others meet the student teams behind these cool innovative ideas and startups at UCPH Innovation Day. Get to know how they came up with their ideas, how they developed them, and how they got funding or ask them about every other little question you might have.

They are more than willing to share their experience with you!

Over 150 million people in Europe suffer from allergies. It affects different people differently and doctors often lack the right data, time and resources to diagnose and manage patients with an allergic disease. AlliApp is a free, fast and secure way to track allergies on your phone. The app connects symptoms to your meals and activities - giving you a better understanding of how to manage your allergies and detect possible triggers. 

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Ever had gift cards that you didn't use or forgot? GiftCardGo is a gift card marketplace app for iOS, where you can upload your gift card and sell it if you want to. This way you'll always have your gift card on your phone and you can get rid of it immediately by selling it. Other users can buy the gift cards put up for sale with a discount"

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A lot of students put a huge amount of work into creating events for their fellow students and they even do it voluntarily! BilletFix' mission is to assist these organizers by providing a simple online ticketing service so they spend less energy on administration and more time on creating awesome events. It literally takes one minute to start selling tickets from scratch, and the ticket buyers can buy their tickets in seconds with MobilePay. And besides – it's the cheapest solution on the market. 

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Ta' det is a mobile application which facilitates the exchange of free items between private individuals. With ta' det app you will be able to get rid of stuff that occupies valuable space in your home quick and easy. You can also style your home with second-hand items without cost, from others who don't need it. The mission is to reduce materialistic inequality by exchanging second-hand items for free. 

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Medical Sandbox wishes to improve the outcome for patients, through an innovative approach to healthcare issues. We are currently working on finishing our first project: the digitalization of national guidelines from the Danish Nephrological Society in a smartphone as well as a web application. Our hope is that the guidelines for acute and chronic kidney injury will be put to greater use by young doctors, who often face the challenge of dealing with these conditions on medical wards without nephrological specialization, by bringing them closer to and making them more easily accessible than their current form.

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Do you feel Temp(e)ted to save the world? The world demands a sustainable food system.

A gap to innovate products to be chosen over meat is here. Therefore we tried to create a delicious plant protein food, Tempe. Tempe is based on yellow peas, and chefs from the Danish gastronomic top scene were used to explore Tempe's gastronomical context.

Have a taste and try it yourself at UCPH Innovation Day!

Pharmasap is a 24hrs self-service pharmacy where you can purchase prescription medication and get advice from a pharmacist. 

Imagine this: It's 4am Tuesday morning, and you find yourself walking out of the Emergency Department. The doctors prescribed you one week of antibiotics you have to get hold of. At the lobby of the hospital, there is a Pharmasap machine, so you do your purchase and 5 minutes later you are on your way home! That is Pharmasap.

Brain Gain Group is a media company based in Copenhagen. We combine skills from academia with journalism, didactic design and media production. This makes us able to handle complex issues and tell stories that engage and inspire. We aim to empower young creatives and bring them together with our partners. Together we promote thought leadership in the shape of content, branding, education and entrepreneurship.

Your gut bacteria controls you: it affects everything from your mood, metabolism and meal choices. GUTXY can help you monitor your gut bacteria by taking our test which gives you personalized health advice to optimize your daily life.

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Multiple award winning startup DEMKIP is fighting neuro-degenerative brain diseases and dementia. Several of our team members have lost loved ones to brain diseases - we are fighting indefatigably for a cure. Our overarching goals are to produce a treatment that is as little invasive as possible, at a price where most patients can afford the product. To build a growing and lasting company that will contribute to society in creating exciting work places, being an asset economically and being environmentally focused. Parts of profit will always go into further research - we want to give something back.

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Life is now easier for both sailors and harbor personnel with the new Harba app. Harba is a startup that provides you a free app with an integrated map that makes it easy for leisure sailors to find harbors, send booking requests and pay for berths. Furthermore, it helps harbormasters to focus more on service and being a good host and less on collecting money. Harba has caught the wind and since the launch of the app more than 30 Danish, three German, four Polish harbors, one Lithuanian and one Estonian harbor have joined.  

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Akademio is a one stop platform for learners in all fields. The Akademio platform connects people that want to sell their know how on a subject they are passionate about to people that need to acquire new skills. We also trend and talent spot for potential upcoming unique people/workshops to be featured on the Akademio platform. We believe that anyone can teach in the area that they are most passionate about and make money doing so.

And we believe that acquiring new skills is crucial for anyone who want to advance and grow in both their personal and professional life.

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Kombucha and Nordic flora!

What happens when millions of bacteria and yeasts are introduced to delicious, nordic superfruits? An innovative product development of the 1000-year old kombucha recipe infused with elements of the Nordic flora! Kombucha is a fermented beverage traditionally produced with tea and sugar resulting to a slightly effervescent sweet-sour beverage. Come and have a taste of our terroir on UCPH Innovation Day 2016.