UCPH's feedback effort 2017

UCPH's feedback effort 2017 - How can we boost formative feedback to students?

The purpose of UCPH's feedback effort is to strengthen formative feedback to the students. We will presents ideas and experiences on how this can be done at the local educational environments. Feedback should here be understood as a response to one or more students' product with the purpose of increasing learning. Products include oral and written products and actions. There is overwhelming research evidence suggests that formative feedback increases the students' learning and efforts.

In the first pilot phase, there have been initiated individual initiatives at all faculties. We will talk about experiences from, e.g.:

  • Feedback on the first year of study
  • Feedback on study behavior - i.e. primary focus on how the students work and not on the academic level.
  • Writing your thesis, e.g. in a cluster supervision
  • Oral feedback on practice classes, e.g. on assignments 
  • Feedback on large classes, e.g. by use of Absalon or another technological support
  • The use of assignment portfolio and feedback on this given during the teaching
  • Workshop for teachers with focus on feedback-techniques for teachers, e.g. the use of criteria-based feedback/rubrics, polls, peer feedback, work sheets, quizzes etc.

At the stand, you can learn more about the various initiatives and receive input on how you can use feedback in your teaching environment.