The language-strategy campaign – University of Copenhagen

The language-strategy campaign

We will present videoes about ”feedback on language” and ”German reading skills for theology students”. We will also talk about examples of best practice in connection with language related initiatives for students.

Between 2013 and 2018, the University of Copenhagen is carrying out a research-supported project aimed at improving the language skills of the students across the entire University. The project aims at preparing students for study and internship periods abroad, as well as for the increasing internationalisation in the learning environments and the job market.

The Language Strategy is working towards uncovering study related language needs among students at UCPH. With that aim a number of surveys, targeted specific groups of students have been carried out with the intention gaining insight into the students’ language needs.

On the basis of the needs expressed by the students and academic environments at UCPH the Language Strategy has established more 37 pilot projects across UCPH. These project concern a number of languages and specific language skills. The aim is to implement the knowledge, experiences and actual course elements developed during the project period as widely as possible to ensure that as many students as possible benefit from the project.