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Teaching portfolios

Teaching portfolios: Smart and effective ways to use teaching portfolios to improve your and your colleagues teaching.

Here you can get a roadmap for making a teaching portfolio that leads to a portfolio that is shareable and embeds your teaching improvements in an iterative circle. It follows an implement-cycle called PLAN – DO – STUDY – ACT (PDSA – cycle). The roadmap is exemplified with how to design and carry out a peer-feedback acitvity in a teaching course.

The PDSA cycle is a systematic series of steps for gaining valuable learning and knowledge for the continual improvement of your teaching and can serve as a guideline for a process, which leads to ongoing quality improvement as part of your practice’s culture. One of the purposes with the teaching portfolio project is to make good and valuable teaching experiences accessible to your colleagues at the department. Therefore, we will also address the issue of how to make a portfolio shareable.