Interdisciplinary Education

– How do you create more interdisciplinary teaching and education

The overall purpose of the project is to strengthen cross-disciplinary education and teaching at UCPH.
The foci of the project are:

  • To clarify key concepts related to interdisciplinarity at UCPH in order to have a common understanding of the problems and possibilities and to offer a knowledge base on cross-disciplinarity
  • To develop a cross-disciplinary didactics, including filosophy of science, i.e. a common framework for establishing and compliting cross disciplinary activities
  • To develop and offer didactical tools, written material, courses, etc. to support and strengthen cross-disciplinary education and teaching at UCPH.

Material, reports, courses, communication games etc. have been produced covering all three areas – and it can be seen at the project website. 

On the day this will be on display, included the CoNavigator – a gamified tool for creating coherence in interdisciplinary courses.